LinkedIn profiles

Increasingly senior managers and executives/directors are awakening to the benefits of using LinkedIn as part of their job search strategy.

At the same time, some people forget that their LinkedIn profile is open to the world, and is effectively representing them to potential employers 24 hours a day. Significantly, if your LinkedIn profile isn’t as strong as it should be, or is not as powerful as that of your competitors then this probably will not go unnoticed by employers.

If you want to make the most of LinkedIn then you need a LinkedIn profile befitting of you, what you stand for professionally, and what you can offer potential employers. If that isn’t enough, you also need to optimize it to attract the right kind of employers to your profile page. Moreover, you then subsequently need to persuade them as to your merits once they have arrived on your page.

There is more to LinkedIn therefore than meets the eye, and writing a top quality LinkedIn profile not only takes a lot of experience, know-how and writing skills, but also a lot of time, thought and effort.
We have vast experience writing persuasive and effective professional LinkedIn profiles for senior level clients, and we can help you too.

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