What we don't do

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    Firstly, we are not one of those mass market general resume companies churning out standard resumes ten to the dozen on a sometimes an industrial scale.

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    We do not use standard templates - just filling in the blanks as some companies do.

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    We don't farm out orders to external parties or inexperienced and/or unqualified freelancers. Moreover, we will not entrust the most important job hunting document that you have to anyone other than one of our very special team of top international resume writing specialists.

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    Another thing that we do not do is resort to marketing gimmicks (including suspect statistics). Our reputation and demand for our services is such that we don't need to resort to this. Moreover, our professional integrity is such that we would not resort to such tactics even if we were not always in demand.

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    One highly significant thing that we do not do either is use outdated and inefficient resume writing methods, as used by the vast majority of resume writing companies.

What we do

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    We are a small, highly specialist, high-calibre service with an outstanding international reputation in helping senior professionals land well-paid jobs in competitive job sectors globally.

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    All of our work is completely bespoke, and 100% original. We offer a one-to-one personal service, and your top-quality executive resume will be completely tailored for you and your circumstances, and will be optimized to help you your goals by top specialists.

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    We firmly believe that top-quality resumes only come from top-quality, talented and vastly experienced specialist professional resume writers. Consequently, we write all resumes for our valued clients ourselves.

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    Something else that we do – something that surprisingly does not seem to be of central importance to all consumers - is that we tell the truth, and are honest and transparent about what we do. As mentioned, we do not resort to gimmicks, marketing tricks or false statistics. On the contrary, if you ask us a question we will give you a straight and honest answer.

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    We write top-quality resumes using the very latest high-impact resume writing techniques that have been developed in-house by our head writer and published resume book author, Paul. These powerful techniques are based on sales and marketing techniques and are tried and tested to achieve real results in the executive job market.

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    We centre our whole ethos around you the customer, as well as product and service excellence.

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    We offer the strongest guarantee in the sector. We would not do this if we were not 100% confident that we were the best in the business. However we are, so we do.