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    What do you do?

    Essentially our work involves helping senior managers, executives and directors all around the world into good, well-paid jobs.

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    Can you help me?

    Yes, for years we have been helping your competitors gain an advantage in the executive job market, and we would be happy to help you do just that too.

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    What sectors?

    We help senior level professionals and executives in all sectors.

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    Are you experienced?

    Indeed, we have years of experience, and a first-class record helping clients from senior managers through to chief executive officers and presidents of multi-billion dollar international Corporations.

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    Is your guarantee too good to be true?

    No it isn’t too good to be true
    -you did hear right!

    Uniquely, we actually guarantee that your resume will be better than any other professional resume.

    Is not a guarantee that other companies offer, but then again they are not us.

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    Isn't the word better somewhat vague?

    Yes it is. Moreover, this is why we deliberately go on to explain just what we mean. For more details click here.

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    How come you are this confident?

    Confidence comes from experience, as well as an understanding of just what you can do that others can't.

    We are long-standing leaders in the executive resume writing sector, and are fully aware of what other companies produce, and what they can't. Moreover, we have an excellent and consistent record improving professional resumes written by other companies. We can do this time and time again, and can even tell you in advance just what we can improve.

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    What things do you improve?

    Each case is different, and this really depends on the original resume, as well as how well (or otherwise) it matches up to your target job requirements. As mentioned, each case is different, even so we usually find that most professional resumes are not optimized as well as they could (or should) be, and we also tend to find that they can frequently be improved on a variety of fronts including length, legibility, presentation, sales message direction, sales message delivery, focus and more.

    If you have had any professional resume written by another company, please feel free to send this to us and we can let you know just what we can do to improve things for you.

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    How do you differ to other firms?

    First and foremost we are confident that our end product is better than other firms’ resumes. This in turn is due to various things.

    Firstly, we are extremely fussy about our consultants, which is why our team comprises of very select team of highly qualified, creatively talented and vastly experienced top international resume writers.

    The methods we use are also different, newer and more radical. Moreover, even general contact with us is different. We don’t use call centers or sales teams, so your query will be answered by a real expert, rather than a typical sales or administration person.

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    Do writing methods matter?

    Yes – they can, and do, make a real difference.

    We write to special methodology that has been developed in-house and is based on sales and marketing principles. Essentially, this involves saying more, in fewer words to create more powerful, high impact sales message. On the upside, it does get results, and it is more effective than standard methods. The flipside is that the way we write is far more demanding than conventional methodology (it is harder to write with very strict space constraints than it is to write without them), and it does take exceptional skill and talent to be able to write resumes the way we do. This is one reason why our small select team, is still small and very select!

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    Do you use general freelancers?


    We never have, and never will, entrust your resume to an unqualified and inexperienced general freelance writer. Significantly, when you come to us, you are safe in the knowledge that you know upfront who your writer will be. You will not be putting your career in the hands of an unknown freelancer, as some other companies would have you do.

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    Can I put your guarantee to the test?

    Yes, in the first instance click here to find out how you can put us to the test.

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    Do you have many consultants?

    We have a small, select team, and this is deliberate.
    We know who our writers are, and we know what they are capable of. Consequently, we trust them and have full confidence in the work they produce.

    A lot of companies, on the other hand, draw from (sometimes a large number) of freelancers to write their resumes. It's up to you if you want to take the risk of having your resume written by a potentially unqualified and inexperienced freelancer - but that's exactly what you do whenever you order a resume from a company that doesn't provide details on exactly who your writer is.

    We do get lots of applications from writers wanting to join us, and we are not averse to the possibility of taking on one or two more writers, but in our experience we have found that the very best, real top quality resume writers are few and far between.

    We don’t have any problem writing to traditional methodology, but it’s much harder for typical writers to write to our methods. It takes more skill, creative prowess and ultimately talent.

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    How long will my resume take?

    Quality does take time, and there is no hiding from the fact.
    Yes, we appreciate that some companies offer ‘express’ services delivery resumes at breakneck speed. However, we are quality orientated, and because of this, and our international reputation for excellence, we always have a waiting list. Usually the waiting list is around three weeks. However, if you have a pressing deadline, we do offer a priority service. We advise priority clients to give us ample time to do the job properly, and most priority clients allow us around 4-7 working days. At the same time, if your deadline is before then, if you let us know and we can usually work to tighter deadlines - but the general rule of thumb is the more time you give us the better. After all, your primary concern should be quality, and succeeding in your job applications, rather than receiving your resume slightly more quickly.

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    What is your process?

    Our process is tried and tested and straightforward. Essentially, once you order you will be invited to send us your resume, job/target details together with anything us that you consider relevant. Your consultant will then assess this and let you know if we need any more information. It is a two-way process, so you're more than welcome to contribute, ask or query anything, at any point. This first part of the process is all about making sure that we are heading in the direction that you want us to. Once both parties are happy that that is the case you can relax and leave us to the actual writing.

    If we have any questions during writing we will let you know. Alternatively, we will continue until we complete your resume. We will then send this to you as an MS Word document. The vast majority of clients do not request any changes. However, if you feel that you need any amendments, that is not a problem, we have a free after sales service so just let us know what amendments you need and we can address these for you.

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    Can I contact you?

    Certainly, please click here for contact details.

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    Who answers queries?

    Surprisingly, it will not be a standard call centre representative or salesperson. On the contrary, your query will be answered by any top international career sector specialist, and in all likelihood a published career sector author.

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    What are your prices?

    Our fees vary depending upon the service, timescales and writers. For more information please click here as a starting point.

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    Why do you charge more than some firms?

    It is true that we do charge more than some firms, on the other hand some companies charge a lot more than we do.

    We don't believe that price alone is a true reflection of quality, because of this was the case then we would charge more than every other resume writing firm globally. However, as a general rule of thumb you do tend to get more or less what you pay for, and if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. We genuinely believe that our fees not only represent excellent value, but also real investments for our clients.

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    Do professional resumes differ?

    Yes, the quality and effectiveness of professional resumes differs greatly from company to company. Frequently this depends on factors including methodology and the ability of the resume writer.

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    How do your resumes fare?

    We are confident that we write the very best resumes in the business. If we had even the slightest doubt about this we would not such a fantastic money back guarantee.

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    Will a cheaper resume be much different to yours?

    Most certainly!
    Moreover, you should be able to spot the difference at first glance, and the more you read, the more glowing the differences should become apparent.

    We sell your skills to the optimum whereas lower end, average and even better quality cheaper resumes tend to do nothing of the sort, and it shows!

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    Can you improve any professional resume?

    We are vastly experienced and have an outstanding track record of improving every single resume we receive; professional or otherwise. So in answer to this, yes we are very confident that we can improve any professional resume. So much so that we guarantee it.

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    How can I pay?

    We accept credit card, debit card, PayPal and bank wire payments.